The Professional Peers Connect program is designed to jumpstart relationships between accountants and attorneys. We create a safe and relaxed environment for accounting partners and senior managers, and attorneys at the same levels to meet, share ideas and discuss issues that they face on a regular basis.
By engaging in the Professional Peers Connect program, participants develop and strengthen long-lasting personal and business relationships that can evolve as their careers progress. Thus our program works to introduce the next generation of decision‐makers to their counterparts at the other firms early on.
In addition, and quite contrary to traditional "networking" venues, the Professional Peers Connect model serves as an outlet for the participants to talk about the challenges of their roles, such as: making the transition from associate to partner; how to develop business; dealing with difficult clients; the current business environment; learning to manage people; and the management of client receivables.
The Professional Peers Connect Model
While there are many executive coaching programs available, none offer what Professional Peers Connect does. Our model is distinct in that we serve to facilitate, foster and properly incubate new and strategic relationships among developing professionals. This method is supported with ongoing support, coordination, and feedback, which is essential to turning new relationships into lasting ones
Why Choose Professional Peers Connect?
  • We have the right connections – with deep and existing relationships with an expansive network of CPA firms and Law firms.
  • We have a proven and compelling model for building and deepening relationships, which features strategic connections, following up, support and the ability to train and enhance professionals
  • We are a team of seasoned leaders with experience working with up-and-coming professionals
  • Unique ability to create a safe environment that naturally fosters the expansion of personal networks, which in the long term lead to business development
  • The elements of our program are unique in that we not only offer introductions and meeting coordination, but also in-depth orientation, ongoing education, training and support.
  • We have experience in helping professionals develop their “personal brands” that align with the firm brand, enhancing both the individual’s and the firm’s ability to attract new business.
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Jumpstarting Relationships Between Accountants & Attorneys
Jumpstarting Relationships Between Accountants & Attorneys

Finding Common Ground Toward Building Lasting Relationships

Planting the Seeds for Fruitful Business Development

Making Connections That Evolve With Career Growth

Networking Naturally

Sharing Ideas

Professional Development