Is the program designed to produce business for the participants?
While it is likely that participants will have the increased confidence and expanded network that is conducive to business development, the focus of this program is the development of deepened business relationships and new conversations. The objective is not necessarily the immediate cross referral of business.

How are the introductions arranged and how is the program managed?
The introductions and meetings will take place over breakfast, lunch or dinner. For individual meetings, we believe that the ideal number of participants is three from each firm. Meetings will be scheduled regularly among participants. In addition, to optimize the relationship building aspects, a listing of each participant’s specialty areas will be circulated. The program will be administered by Philip Strassler, who will serve as a liaison between the participating firms and strategically match participants.

What are the qualities of an "ideal" participant?
At Professional Peers Connect, we understand that building relationships does not come easily to many professionals. What we think is an ideal participant is someone who:
  • Feels they have a future at the firm
  • Has a strong work ethic and integrity
  • Is open minded
  • Is not afraid to take new risks
  • Is interested in others
  • Is not a natural rainmaker
  • Not gregarious
  • Is reluctant to get out of his or her comfort zone
  • Typically focuses his or her time and attention on tasks and not on relationships

Is there a fee to participate?
Professional Peers Connect works by counterbalancing law firms and CPA firms. Each firm participates in the program for a six month period, during which six professionals are actively engaged in various meetings. The fee for this period is based on number of participants. Please contact us for further details.

I already know a lot of CPAs and/or Attorneys. How will this help me or be any different
While many CPAs and Attorneys know one another, the nature of these relationships is often superficial. Professional Peers Connect works on the premise that deep relationships are the ones that lead to business development and professional growth. By matching professional on deeper levels - personal interests, hobbies, lifestyles, etc. - we are able to help you connect to people who you really like. When you truly connect with a professional counterpart, you are more likely to call, make plans with, and really develop a relationship with that person.

I have so little time to network. Will this take up a lot of my time?
The Professional Peers Connect program will actually allow you to use your time more efficiently. Consider that when you attend a networking event, you are faced with a room full of people you don't really know. As a result you spend your time scanning and randomly choosing people to see if you have any synergies. The Professional Peers Connect program eliminates the randomness of this process. We prescreen every participant and take a battery of personal and professional traits and match them to you specifically. Before your first meeting through our program, you'll already know why you are meeting that person and how your interests overlap. 

Frequently Asked Questions